May 03, 2011
Where Bass & Walleyes Are Spawning Now!

In many waters bass and walleyes are protected during the spawning season, but that doesn't mean you should ignore these annual rites-of-spring as they will help you find fish fast when the season opens.

Mississippi State University fisheries biologist Dr. Hal Schramm has developed spawning maps for both smallmouths and walleyes that pinpoint traditional spawning dates from South to North for each species. We say "traditional" as local weather and water conditions will determine exactly when the action starts on your home waters.

Like all fish, smallies and walleyes follow predictable patterns before, during and after the spawning cycle, so if you know when you can expect things to heat up in the waters you fish, you can anticipate where your quarry will likely be and how it will behave when it's time to hit the water.
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