May 13, 2011
Secret Fixes Backlash In Seconds!

Despite our best efforts to correctly spool our reels with fresh, quality fishing line, every once in awhile we suffer the dreaded backlash. Check out this cool trick for clearing backlashes—it'll save you time and frustration.
More than 80 million Panther Martin lures have been sold over the last 40 years—and have caught fish on every continent and ocean on the planet. Here's your chance to stock up on free Panther Martins! Each day for the next month you could win a 3-pack of lures—and also qualify for the Grand Prize, one of every lure awarded and a one-man Sea Eagle inflatable boat!

Okay, it's Friday! Here's a special treat! Check out this trophy—and her skills with a rod and reel!
Put   Heavy Weight Thump worms in your arsenal today!

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