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January 03, 2014
Python Noodlin', Epic A-Rig Muskies, Win A Polaris
Every "fishing" trip for this guy is a near death experience. Seriously, catfish noodlers have nothing on this primitive angler, who uses his leg, not hands, to noodle his quarry. The method is pretty simple: Rub fish scent on leg, cover leg in cloth, lower leg into snake den, and hold on. Definitely a must-see.
The "Uncut Angling" crew has done it again. Forever pushing the envelope, watch as Aaron and cohorts document the first ever Alabama rig muskies on video. That's right—plural—five to be exact. There's tons of good tactical info, too—from how to use your electronics to stay on fall 'skis to the best way to vertical jig the A-rig for success.
Ice Force has assembled the biggest giveaway we've ever seen for ice anglers. One lucky winner stands to win an insane $10,500 worth of prizes, including a custom-wrapped Polaris Indy Voyager 550 snowmobile, an Otter Pro XT1200 Lodge fishhouse, MarCum LX-6 fishfinder, StrikeMaster auger, a complete set of Ice Force ice fishing apparel, and much more!
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