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November 27, 2013
Zesty Braised Salmon For Thanksgiving
Zesty Braised Salmon
Traditions are made to be broken. And, we're definitely thankful for Ma's home-cooked Thanksgiving Day feasts—we won't miss a spread like that! But, this year we've committed to trying something different.

Rather than a Butterball yard bird, we're thinking salmon—on the grill! The recipe is simple and beyond savory, but the preparation is what has us interested. How about a day or two on the water loading up the cooler with whatever finned creature your heart desires? Yeah, sign us up for that!

We're thinking a trip with North American Fisherman-TV host and Great Lakes big-fish fanatic Eric Haataja is just the ticket. This guy knows big salmon on a very personal level.

So, while you're relishing your family time, constantly over-eating and watching football, be thankful for what you've got, especially the delectable fillets you caught, cleaned, cooked and consumed in record time. It may hurt now, but it was worth it!
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