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November 21, 2013
Save Beer Money, Make Football Jigs
Football Jigs
We make the same resolution at deer camp every year. "Yep, gonna pour jig heads and mold plastics this winter and save some dough!"

Yet, seems like we never really get down to business. Sure, we'll tie a dozen or so hair jigs and bass bugs but that's about it. Never quite get around to pouring hot lead, even though our intentions are good.

This year, though, we cleaned out a corner of the garage and have set up a lure-making workbench. Nothing glamorous, just well-lit, ventilated and off-limits to the kids.

The idea? Create our own football heads like the guy in this video, saving a few bucks for beers in the process. The up-front investment is about the same as we're used to spending on pre-packaged baits in one or two visits to the pro shop!

Plus, we like the idea of making exactly what we know will catch fish, maybe even tweaking the results a bit to create a bait no one else has. And with the ease of powder painting—not to mention more skirt options than Lady Gaga's closet—the results are almost limitless!

Looking forward to a winter of tackle tinkering!
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