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October 10, 2013
Must-See Hook Removal Technique
Must-See Hook Removal Technique
Spend enough time on the water and sooner or later, you or someone you know will get impaled. And, unfortunately, it seems Murphy's Law comes into fullest effect during the best bites. And that stinks.

So, rather than making a beeline for the E.R.—if there's one even close enough—sometimes the best thing to do is bite the bullet and keep fishing.

While you may have seen this technique before, these guys explain it in a way that's not only hilarious, but also easy to understand.

One of the NAF editors used this very technique on a trip earlier this summer, but adds that with treble hooks it's important to first remove the lure and cut off any additional exposed hooks. So, if you don't carry a heavy-duty hook cutter in your tackle box, you should.

So, what if someone gets a hook in the eye? First, don't be a jerk and insist on a few more casts. Follow this advice and get the wounded angler to the nearest doctor immediately!
Be Prepared   A first-aid kitt for your boat.
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