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October 09, 2013
Newest Ultra-Finesse Trick For Big Bass
Newest Ultra-Finesse Trick For Big Bass
The latest Japanese finesse tactic to reach U.S. shores has been in heavy rotation for six or seven years on the deep and clear waters of Lake Biwa, home to the world-record tying largemouth bass.

Called "spybaiting," the ultra-finesse tactic requires light line, long casts, in-line retrieves and a specific minnow hardbait that resembles a double prop topwater. Except that it sinks.

Designers shake their heads at anything heavier than 5- or 6-pound fluorocarbon. Up the line test and the bait will nosedive, instead of fall horizontally, as designed.

Yep, if you're thinking the bait sounds like a cool, new smallmouth trick, we're with you.

Our advice? Learn it! Sounds like many pros are doing the same, even if most aren't talking.
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