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August 20, 2013
Best Bass Bait Of All Time?
Best Bass Bait
If you were to ask 100 bass fanatics what the best overall bass bait is, you'd get at least half as many different answers. Maybe more.

It's hard to discount the effectiveness of the jig-and-pig, ribbontail Texas-rigged worm, or how about spinnerbaits and crankbaits? They all work, no question, and we still keep a few trays loaded with each.

But, in most bass-swarming waters, the bluegill pattern is hard to beat. Some states allow anglers to use live 'gills as bait, while others do not. But if you happen to be restricted by the use of live gamefish, or aren't interested in toting a bait bucket full of pannies around, never fear—there is a quality alternative.

The Bluegill Series swimbait by Mattlures has some of the most realistic panfish swimbaits we've ever seen. They look so real, bass just can't help but to swallow them up when given the chance.

Mattlures not only has lots of soft swimbait panfish imitators, there are some ultra-realistic hardbaits as well. Check 'em out!
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