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June 13, 2013
Two Must-Have Swimbaits
dark star
Fact: Noisy baits can be key to fish finding and latching onto your bait, especially in stained water conditions.

While most anglers reach for knocker-packed cranks as go-to search baits in these conditions, don't overlook the new school of swimbaits with giant paddletails that displace a lot of water and radiate far-reaching low frequencies.

Physics tell us that the lower the frequency, the longer the waveform and the farther the sound travels before losing energy. And, like a thumping subwoofer speaker, typically the larger the resonating body, the lower the pitch.

Thus, thick-bodied swimbaits with large tails create lower-pitched sounds that reach fish farther away, making it easier for them to hone in on your bait.

Two baits that take advantage of these physical laws are Evolve Baits' Darkstar Swimbait and Jackall's Ammonite Shad, both of which have thick, meaty bodies (with recessed hook-keeper grooves) and exaggerated paddletails that produce a big thump.

Both baits can be fished weedless on an EWG hook, on a jig head or as a trailer on a swim jig or spinnerbait—not to mention that when fished on an A-rig, the sonic property is multiplied, giving anglers an even greater advantage.
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