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May 02, 2013
Perfect Fishing Gift For Mom
Perfect Fishing Gift For Mom
Let's face it, if you forget Mother's Day, somebody will never ever forget about it. Mom.

That said, be a hero this year with something all women love, second only to shoes and spa retreats. Sunglasses.

And since only the very best is good enough for our ladies, consider giving her what a lot of us wear, as well as legions of pros and guides.

With frames like the vintage Hollywood look of the Isabela or Islamorada, the cool curves of the Inlet, the relaxed style of the Las Olas, or sexy Maya, she'll think you took a class in what's hip. Seriously, she'll be impressed.

Of course, there's a hidden agenda.

Right after explaining the benefits of UV protection and how polarized glasses work, encourage her to get on the boat with you Sunday afternoon and scan the shallows for fish—maybe even take a few casts.

That's definitely one way to get in some fishing on Mother's Day. And you might just discover a new favorite co-angler!

'Course, you may need a new pair, too.
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