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May 01, 2013
Best NEW Funny Fishing Commercials
Funny Fishing Commercials
It's been a while since anybody's really tickled our ribs with a fishing commercial. Historically, there are a lot of golden oldies to compete with—like this hilarious Rapala spot. Or this gem from Nitro Boats. Can't say we blame that guy for hitting the eject button.

It's pretty hilarious how they've animated the likenesses of our buddies Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston (and some bass) to create these funny shorts. The audio? Taken from classic Bill and Jimmy TV outtakes. The result? Pure fun!

Just check out this sing-a-long with Bill. Or these "life lessons" with Jimmy Houston, where the TV legend discusses kissing bass (and girls) with a little league angler!

Good clean fun for the entire family. Gotta love it!
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