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April 30, 2013
New Baits That Change Color
New Baits That Change Color
To be honest, the first thing that came to mind when we saw these baits was color-changing t-shirts from the early 1990s, a brief fashion fad that had us laughing at kids running around in a contour map of their sweaty regions. Not smart.

Fast-forward over two decades and a similar technology is now available in both hard- and softbaits, something the creators are calling "smart".

These new baits imitate the visual physiological changes in live, bleeding forage as they move through variable water temps. Like changing from chartreuse to blood red—and vice versa—as the baits are worked from warm to cooler waters.

The new technology is available in a bunch of different hardbait choices, from 1.57-inch minis to deep divers, rattlebaits and jerkbaits.

Fans of creatures, craws, worms and other soft plastics need not despair. They offer color-changing patterns in these baits, too, including watermelon and clear to junebug and blood red.

Smart? Just maybe.
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