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April 09, 2013
Idiot-Proof Fishing?
We've all been there. You bend over the boat gunnel to lip a bruiser and your smartphone drops into the drink, destined for ol' Davy Jones' locker. We'll spare you the expletives. And, if you're like us, you keep invaluable fishing logs and photos on the device. Some stuff just ain't replaceable.

Guess that's why we're excited about what may be the best case ever built. It's water-, dirt-, snow- and shock-proof—possibly even idiot-proof.

And not only that, when housed in the easy to spot LifeJacket it actually floats! Plus, you can actually make use of your phone's photo and video features under water. Just take a look at this cool subsurface footage of a gorgeous brown trout release!

The cool factor doesn't end there. Add these waterproof earbuds and you can rock out while submerged!
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