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March 28, 2013
Spring Crankbait Color Secrets
Once you have the right crankbait action dialed in for your spring water temp—typically tighter for colder water, wider wobble as it warms—color's next.

So what colors are best for springtime bassin'?

Bass pro John Crews says it really depends on water clarity. If there's been a lot of run-off and the water is stained to full-on chocolate milk, go for reds, chartreuse, green—anything bright to increase visibility.

Elite series pro Matt Herren says, "I always start my spring crankbait routine off with bright red craw patterns."

Ott DeFoe reveals that he's a big fan of the same color in a brand new family of baits from Rapala.

Plus, don't be afraid of the same shapes and wacky colors used by sauger anglers. If the water's cold, a lot of times psychedelic jerkbaits with knockers are just the thing to grab the attention of big early-season bass!
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