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January 03, 2013
3 Funny Baits: Boob Jig, Dangle Berry, Balls O' Fire
Boob Jig Boob Jig
Designed to look like... er, where babies feed, anglers can choose from 1/8-ounce A cup through 3/4-ounce DD cup sizes. Okay, so they'd make a good gag gift for your buddy's 21st birthday. Yet, from the looks of the pix, they may just catch fish, too.
Dangle BerryDangle Berry
The brainchild of legendary crankbait designer Lee Sisson, the Dangle Berry is the newest method we've seen to weight soft plastics—especially Fluke-style baits. Allowed to "dangle" on the hook shank, the weight actually moves, allowing farther casts and a unique darting and fluttering action.
Balls O' FireBalls O' Fire
Gotta love a family-owned company with a questionable slogan: "Soft but satisfying since 1934." Seems they have lots of other fans, too—to the tune of 90 million jars sold. Balls O' Fire come in six different mixtures, from Gold Label to Tyee, offering anglers lots of options.
Hey Bartender!   How to mix cocktails fish will love!


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