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December 11, 2012
Worst Fishing Guide Ever?
Worst Fishing Guide
ROTFLMAO basically describes our feelings about the worst guide ever! Chances are, you'll share it with all your friends. We did.

Real life fly fisherman Jesse Swartz performs the part of Hank Patterson, "high school graduate, world-famous fly fishing and expert guide"—part egomaniac, part doofus, completely hilarious.

Turns out Swartz does more than make funny videos and fish. He's also helping cancer survivors rehabilitate through something called Fish On - A Reel Recovery Retreat. He's pretty good at making us laugh, but he is also very dedicated to sharing his passion for jerkin' lips on a fly.

Hats off to you Mr. Swartz for the laughs and positive vibes, we'll share camp with you any day. Keep up the good work!
For Adults   Hank wets his waders—so did we!
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